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The Health Benefits of Black Truffles

A black truffle, pronounced as "truffle," is a hard, bitter-sweet gourmet cheese. It has an intense, sweet, syrupy flavor and goes well with many different kinds of foods. The name comes from the black 'viscus' that runs down the center of its cavity. The black color...

Reasons Why You Should Consider Bulk Himalayan Salt

Himalayan pink salt is made from a mineral known as "assium chloride" or "Magnesium chloride". It was found to be so useful that the Indian government granted it the status of a " sovereign natural mineral ". Pink Himalayan Salt Block is a fine natural product finely...

Benefits From Using a Salt From the Dead Sea Scrub

Dead Sea salt is well known as a great way to detoxify your body. It's a great alternative to harsh chemical cleansers and is more environmentally friendly, too. In addition to its many health benefits, you'll also enjoy the many radiant skin benefits Dead Sea salt...

Fleur De Lis Meubles Cuisine Discount

The fleur de sel tattoo is gaining popularity among people from all over the world, because of its unique design. It is a very versatile piece of art work that can be used in any situation. The design is very unique and does not date, as other designs in the past have...

Why a Himalayan Salt Lamp Can Help You to Improve Your Life

Your Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp is handcrafted by the most talented craftsmen in Pakistan. These highly collectible Himalayan Salt Rocks are known worldwide for their therapeutic properties. These Natural Light Lamps are said to cleanse the air, release positive ions...

What’s So Great About Kosher Sea Salt?

Kosher sea salt is a special kind of salt that is made especially with fish or sea creatures in mind. The mixtures are kept at cold temperatures and are used mainly for their salt content. While it technically never fades, correct storage helps keep it fresh and...

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