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The bath salt drug is also scientifically termed as synthetic cannisterine. Traditionally people in East Africa and Southern Arabia have been using naturally occurring alkaloids in the khat root as a mood elevator. But modern synthetic cannisterine are stronger and come along with much more risks of drug abuse and addiction. Most of the Bath salts contain a variety of alkaloids with each having different effects on the body.

An addiction to Bath Salt is extremely dangerous. Recent studies have shown that the synthetic cathinone drugs can damage crucial brain cells responsible for memory. When the brain loses these vital brain cells, it makes a person more susceptible to depression and other brain diseases. This is one of the most important reasons why bath salts drugs have such a high rate of prescription drug addiction.

A major reason for drug addiction associated with Bath Salt is because of the harmful side effects associated with them. The most common of which is dry mouth. Other associated problems include dry skin, excessive itching, irritation of skin, and nausea. Some people even experience headaches and vomiting after taking bath salts.

In addition to causing dry mouth, the synthetic cathinone Bath salts drug can also cause irritation of the skin. Irritation of the skin is associated with a range of problems, including severe acne. Itching and irritation can also cause mouth sores and loss of teeth. This explains why so many young people today are turning to synthetic cathinone Bath salts drug for relief from depression. Unfortunately, once one uses such a bath salts drug, there is no going back.

People who use Bath salts as a form of self-medication can become addicted to them over time. This is because the user is not always able to maintain their normal dosage. Also, over usage of the bath may result in build up of chemicals within the body. For example, if the user takes a large amount of bath salts in a short period of time, he or she can develop a high tolerance to the effects of the salt. When this happens, the user may find it difficult to get through the day without experiencing some form of a bath salt orgasm.

One thing that users of Bath salts should know is that addiction to the drug is very serious. Unfortunately, it is very easy to become dependent on Bath Salts drug. The user must be consistent with his or her use. It is best to stick with the same dose of Bath salts for an extended period of time before considering reducing the dosage or stop using the drug altogether.

Like any other addiction, Bath Salt addiction may also have negative side effects. Users can experience headaches, nausea, sleep disorders and even depression. These side effects can be mild or severe. For this reason, it is important that the user seek help from a doctor, especially if these symptoms are present.

Bath salt drug addiction can be controlled by using professional help. There are several treatment centers that offer rehabilitation programs for those who have become addicted to Bath salts. These programs allow the person to face his or her fears while dealing with the problems of Bath Salt addiction. Most of these programs do not require a person to leave home. The only requirement is that participants are 18 years or older.

In addition to rehab centers, there are also several self-help books available in the market. There is also a lot of information that can be found on the internet. However, these sources may not provide enough information on the Bath Salt addiction. Users can research more about Bath Salt by searching the different Bath Salt forums online. They will be able to interact with other users who have experienced and overcame their struggles with Bath Salt addiction.

If you are interested in quitting Bath Salt, it may be a good idea to ask your family and friends about your plans. You may be surprised at the responses that you get. You may even learn about support groups that are available locally. These support groups may include your doctor, your siblings and your friends.

In ending your Bath Salt drug addiction, it is important that you also accept the fact that you made a mistake. You should have realized by now that the chemical effects of Bath Salts are very addictive. If you are willing to make changes in your life, you should be strong. Be willing to take responsibility for your decision. If you are truly ready to kick the Bath Salt habit, it is never too late to do it.

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