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Himalayan salt rocks are known for their distinctive pink hues. Also known as pink salt or pink Himalayan crystal salt, these natural rocks were formed thousands of years ago when lava cooled to very high temperatures and then refilled itself back into a form more similar to that of a dry, sandy soil. In addition to the beautiful color, these salts also have a number of qualities that make them ideal for use in many applications.

Because of the characteristics of both the pink Himalayan salt rock and the natural process by which it forms, they make excellent alternatives to synthetic manufactured table salt and are particularly popular in the alternative energy healing community. Himalayan salt crystal is often used in conjunction with other natural substances designed to promote energy healing. This includes such diverse elements as borax, calcium, magnesium, iodine, and zinc.

Many people also use Himalayan salt rocks in and around their home to eliminate negative energy and heal various conditions including headaches, sore muscles, joint pain, arthritis, constipation, and even skin problems. A crystal salt lamp is another popular use. These lamps not only provide light, but they can also help to eliminate negative energy from the room. The energy is believed to be responsible for wrinkling and dullness of the skin.

Salt rocks can also be used in the kitchen or in the bathroom to eliminate negative energies. The most common complaint about salt cabinets is that the moisture from cleaning products can evaporate into the air. To solve this problem, manufacturers of Himalayan salt countertop products have added a refiner element to the rock’s absorbing properties. A pinkish salt lamp is designed to absorb moisture from the air and then release it slowly into the room. A natural quartz countertop salt lamp is created using minerals found in nature.

Another way to utilize the positive qualities of a Himalayan pink salt crystal is to carve a rock into any shape you desire. A rock art project using this technique is often called “crystal carving”. Pink Himalayan salt crystal can also be used to make jewelry or simple decorations. Many people like to use these natural products to accent their living spaces with a natural and luxurious glow.

Even though Himalayan crystals come in many different colors, red is the color that is known the most widely. A real Himalayan salt crystal lamp can add even more color to any room by simply adding a light bulb with its internal light bulb. You can place this natural product next to your television, computer or any other electrical appliance to provide you with health benefits. By utilizing its negative ions, the pink Himalayan salt crystal lamp will provide you with several health benefits. Negative ions are known as “good” electricity.

One of the most popular uses for Himalayan salt crystal lamps is to eliminate colds and flu symptoms. Salt rocks absorb negative ions from the air. It is these ions that make it easier for people to get ill. When you place one of these natural products next to your computer, television or any other electrical appliance, you will be providing yourself and everyone else in the home with the same positive “electricity” that naturally occurs in the air.

These types of lamps have been recognized for hundreds of years as healing and energizing aids. Today, this natural product is utilized by alternative medicine practitioners worldwide to treat a variety of different illnesses including cancer, fatigue, stress, high blood pressure, nausea, menstrual cramps, and even anxiety. The benefits that the ancient Indians knew about were lost for many of us because of the quick way that modern society consumes all of its energy. But while we spend our lives consuming massive amounts of electricity, we inadvertently forget how important minerals are to our overall well being. With the help of Himalayan salt rock lamps, we can regain some of the lost benefits of nature’s greatest wonders.

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