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What is a Facebook Messenger Bot? At its most basic level, chat bots provide an automated means for companies to automate many oftentimes low-scale customer support functions. Rather than waiting on hold for hours to talk to a live agent, customers can now chat with a bot to respond to basic inquiries, or to complete the initial stages of an RMA request. For companies that are brand-new to chatbot technology, it’s important to note that the Facebook Messenger Bot and its derivative Facebook Chat Bots have been in operation for over a year. This gives users an advanced means to communicate with their friends and loved ones, all of whom may live in completely different geographic areas from your company. For instance, if you operate a small pizza shop in the Deep South, you’ll want to use Facebook chat bots to keep your Facebook customers up to speed with your company’s activities.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot and chat bots go hand-in-hand, because Facebook users are constantly inundated with ads for products and services. If you have a Facebook page, you can also use Hootsuite inbox integration to put a Facebook Messenger Bot on your website. Facebook users are accustomed to browsing through their Facebook friend’s pages, so it’s quite natural that they’d be more inclined to check out your website if you include bot functionality. If you offer Facebook Messenger Bot integrations, customers will have the option of clicking a link whenever they log on to Facebook to be taken to your website, which will bring them right to the products, services, and promotions that interest them.

Facebook Messenger Bot is easy to install, so you won’t have to worry about confusing new Facebook users. In fact, it’s one of the simplest Facebook applications to get going. Even those who are familiar with Facebook apps may have trouble setting this bot up, because the Facebook Messenger Bot is pretty plain-looking. For a Facebook user, it might as well be invisible.

Facebook has taken an innovative approach to integrating chatbot technology into Facebook applications. Unlike the typical Facebook application, where you’d have to go through a series of complicated settings and menus to set up a new application, Facebook Messenger Bot sets everything up right in the middle of the home page. You just need to click a button to activate the bot, and it will begin sending out messages from your personal Facebook account. The Facebook Bot can also be used to create polls and share your thoughts on current events. Because the Facebook Messenger Bot is still in testing stages, the functionality of the new app may change before it’s available to all Facebook members.

Facebook’s conversational AI chatbot is different from other chat bots. Unlike most Facebook chat bots, which are programmed to say things like “eat,” “sleep,” “play,” etc., Facebook’s chat bots are interactive and allow users to ask or answer questions. Users can use the chatbox to send messages, ask others questions, comment on a photo or post a status update. Since Facebook’s new app allows for so much interactivity, more people are flocking to the bot because it’s just too fun to use.

Unlike Facebook’s normal chat bots, though, Facebook Messenger Bot has a strong customer service element built in. In addition to the regular features of the bot – uploading and reading your Facebook messages, sending a message to another Facebook user, etc – the bot includes a high-quality support team. Facebook Messenger Bot even includes a voice mail function that gives Facebook customers a chance to leave voice messages for other Facebook customers. This phone support feature will undoubtedly help Facebook attract more customers. It also offers Facebook instant chat, which means you can talk to other Facebook users right then and there without having to leave the chatbox. Chatting with friends while waiting in line at the grocery store is a whole different experience.

Facebook Messenger Bot was developed in conjunction with Facebook’s own webhook application, which Facebook uses to provide a graphical interface on the Facebook site. Facebook webhook is a popular way for Facebook users to access Facebook when they aren’t connected to the social network. The Facebook webhook app makes it easy for webmasters to install the Facebook Messenger Bot and have it automatically launched when Facebook’s servers are able to. Facebook’s servers are generally set up to handle web requests, but sometimes the servers get slow, which causes Facebook Messenger Bot to become sluggish and unresponsive.

Webmasters who want to take advantage of Facebook’s new chatbot application should download Facebook Messenger Bot and give it a test run on their website. Test out the Facebook Messenger Bot on a Facebook page with no customer service login, and see how fast it responds. Once you’re sure it will work as well as a real person would be able to, you can then start promoting your brand using Facebook chat. You may be able to use Facebook chat to make sales calls to potential customers who are too far away to visit your Facebook homepage. Even if Facebook does not allow direct product advertising, it has proven that it is possible to drive large amounts of traffic to company Facebook pages by posting brief videos or promotional messages in Facebook chat.

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