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Fleur De Lis Wedding Favors – WalMart’s Biggest Winner

When it comes to fleur de lis wedding favors, you have a few different options. Most people think that fleur de lis is simply a symbol used for French royalty but the fact of the matter is, it actually has a symbolic meaning in several different cultures. This symbol can mean many different things depending on where you’re from and what time period you’re talking about. For example, during the middle ages, fleur de lis was used to signify loyalty among family members and friends.

So why do you want to give fleur de lis wedding favors? Well, one of the main reasons I like fleur de sel Walmart favors is because they are very reasonably priced considering the symbolism that they hold. People typically associate the symbol with France so if you choose to use this as the main design for your favor or centerpiece, you can be sure that it will be accepted very well. Also, since most retailers that carry fleur de lis supplies are owned by major corporations, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a good price for them.

I would definitely recommend this as a great alternative if you’re having a traditional fleur de lis wedding in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, NJ. Not only is it very affordable but they look great as well. So whether you’re having a medieval style wedding or something more modern, you can’t go wrong with fleur de sel Walmart favors.

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