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Most people think that salt lamps will help treat insomnia, reduce stress, cure allergies, and even lower blood pressure. While there’s no clinical evidence that Himalayan salt lamps provide actual health benefits, this doesn’t mean that they don’t. One of the most common benefits of Himalayan salt is that it produces a very warm atmosphere. It also contains trace minerals that are helpful in enhancing relaxation and getting sleep at night. A salt lamp is basically a light emitting diode, which is why it can create such a warm environment. It’s not unlike an electric bulb, only it shines light onto the skin instead of straight into it.

himalayan salt rock

Pink Himalayan salt rock lamps are actually lamps with a natural source of light, which makes them completely safe to use in your home. If you want to enjoy these lamps, you should purchase a lamp with a natural color. There are many different colors to choose from, including white, purple, red, yellow, green, orange and blue. You can find lamps in almost every color imaginable, so you can make sure to find one to fit your personal style. Some people enjoy the more modern look of white lamps, while others like the classic look of a purple lamp.

Salt lamps aren’t the only way to enjoy the beautiful colors of nature. Many homeowners use indoor plants and landscaping to enhance the overall atmosphere in their home. Certain flowers, trees and shrubs produce negative ions that will uplift the surrounding air, thus relaxing you and the air around you. Humidifiers are also popular for producing the same effects as plant aerators, but they’re much easier to incorporate into a home’s overall design.

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