The great uniformity of the elastomeric membrane roof allows it to be installed on flat roofs or on gently sloping roofs almost in all weather conditions without compromising its efficiency. Whether it's the heat of summer or no later than fall, the elastomeric membrane coating will meet your needs by offering you the same resistance to impact and tears, the same waterproofness, the same durability, the same peace of mind.

Professionals must do its installation, especially if you prefer heat installation, which requires the use of a torch. However, if you prefer to avoid the risk of fire, there are now “cold” installation techniques, which make its installation much safer and which will be much gentler on your nostrils.

Also, an annual inspection of your elastomeric membrane roof can identify (if necessary) minor repairs in order to extend the life of your covering. So, you must get this type of roof coating on the roof of your house.


This type of roof is offered in several colors. Depending on the choice of granules that make up the topcoat, you can opt for black, gray, green, red, white, or any other color that enhances the looks of your home. So, if you want the roof of your house to look elegant and durable, then you should get an elastomeric membrane roof coating, which is affordable and easily available.