Although foreigners have not been allowed to own land in Singapore for the past three decades, the Singapore government decided in 2005 to allow foreigners citizens to own freehold home in prime district with 6 or more floors.

Properties For Foreigners in Singapore

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This has turned out to be an excellent solution as more and more foreigners are looking for properties to buy or rent in Singapore. Real estate for foreigners in Singapore is offered in the form of condos and apartments, which due to their exclusivity are still considered first-class property for both residents and tenants.

These units are more than adequate for families, couples, and singles who enjoy living or vacationing in Singapore. Singapore's premier real estate for foreigners includes residential properties available for sale or rent in selected locations such as Orchard and Sentosa.

However, several locations also offer attractive offers to potential buyers or renters. Restrictions apply to the purchase of bungalows, two-story houses, and townhouses.

However, Singapore has many condos and other properties available to foreigners that offer the same level of comfort as a home worth investing in.

If you are busy in Singapore and looking for rental properties, you can check property listings on the property market and choose which one suits your needs. As soon as you find it, notify your real estate agent, who will draft a letter of intent and give it to your potential owner one month in advance, along with the deposit.