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Rejuvenating Fleur De Lis With Fleur De La

Known as fleur de sel in the French language, this type of salt is a monochrome crystal salt with a light gray/brown color. One pound of fleur de sel is made for each 80 pounds of fine gray rock salt harvested from mountain springs on hot summer days. The fleur de sel salt comes from a perennial water lily native to southwestern France. Harvested just before sunset on hot summer afternoons by ancient tribes, the mildly purple-colored salt has been considered so precious, that it was only served to royalty and other high-ranking officials. Because of its rarity and expense, only the affluent class of French society indulged in this special treat.

Fleur de sel can be found in a variety of forms today, including fleur de sel pouches, fleur de sel salt balls, and fleur de sel in candy bars, cookies, and tea. Some even buy fleur de sel for their use as jewelry because it’s so pretty. However, many fleur de sel products are now sold as a generic form of sea salt, which means it can be purchased in large quantities for much cheaper prices.

Today, fleur de sel is a popular health supplement that helps improve cardiovascular health, normalize blood pressure, control cholesterol levels, and promote lung health. It also helps decrease LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels. These benefits are particularly important to those at risk for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. As fleur de la is rich in Vitamin E, minerals, and essential fatty acids, it promotes good overall health and wellness.

Of course, fleur de la is not the only popular herbal salt on the market. Other brands that offer similar health benefits include Epsom Salt, Silver Salt, Rock Salt, and Caymanite. Epsom Salt helps relieve sore throats, coughs and colds, and is also beneficial for detoxifying the body. Silver Salt helps cleanse the blood, reduce stress and sharpen the senses. Rock Salt is a natural fleur de sel alternative as it has a very light salty taste and can be used as an ice pack to cool your feet or hands.

You can buy fleur de la in many grocery stores or online. Many people choose to make their own fleur de la via the following process: Purchase a small bag of dried fleur de la; boil water to add the essential oils; strain the mixture; add the fleur de la and mix to combine. Store in a shaker or medicine bottle. It will keep for up to three months, though it’s important to remember to rehydrate and re-tone every few weeks. Re-toning adds a fullness to your skin and helps fight off aging effects.

One final tip: If you choose to make your own fleur de la instead of purchasing it, be sure to rinse and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water after usage. Fleur de la irritates the eyes, so it’s extremely important to keep your face and hands clean. Try fleur de la facials for even greater results. By simply keeping your skin hydrated and exfoliated with fleur de la products, you’ll reverse the signs of aging.

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