Nervousness and fear are normally the first things that pass through any adult or child's minds as they enter the studio for dance classes. While they may have a great desire to learn, it is a big jump outside the comfort zone for most people. You can also look for the best hip hop dance classes via

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The first secret to enjoying your dance classes is to realize every single person in the class went through the same thing you are. They walked through the doors for the first time, many of them tonight along with you. They felt nervousness and fear just like you. 

Your fear of being in the dance classes is now replaced with total curiosity on who will you be dancing with, what is the first thing we are going to do. This anticipation may feel a little like fear, but you can feel the difference in your stomach.

The best news, fear, and anticipation are great. They are energy, massive energy. You are about to have the opportunity to put all of that energy to work, learning to dance. With that touch of fear, butterflies, and anticipation, you are experiencing the same feelings every great performer feels as they prepare to go on stage. 

The only difference, they have learned to welcome and embrace this feeling and turn it into the energy of the performance. With your first dance classes, you will learn to take this energy and move it into action on the dance floor.

Dance is the physical expression of emotion and music, without emotion dance is very empty. Embrace all of those feeling, and extend them into your dance, and it can move you from having an average learning experience to finding true joy in learning to dance in the dance classes.