Choosing the perfect forklift for your business or organization requires a basic understanding of the styles and options available. This allows you to compare the various choices to your situation to decide what will maximize your productivity and make it easy for those using the lift.

Types Of Forklifts

For those who want new or used outdoor forklifts, an internal combustion style is the best option. They are easy to refuel and have the added power to keep them going.  

Electric powered styles are ideal for indoors. They are quiet and only need to be plugged in and recharged to keep them going and are the most cost-effective models. These two styles often come in special designs to fit the needs of specific situations.

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Tire Choices

This is one of the most commonly overlooked options when it comes to heavy-duty lifting equipment. Making the wrong choice here leads to a significant expense and a lot of frustration. Cushioned tires are those made from solid rubber. They are a more affordable option and last considerably longer on flooring, making them ideal for indoor applications. 

Pneumatic tires are identical to the ones found on a regular vehicle. They are superior when it comes to working outdoors because they handle the terrain far better.

A third style is a combination of the cushioned and pneumatic called solid pneumatic tires. These tires are designed for places like construction sites that pose an elevated risk of popping or putting holes in tires. 

With all of the options available in forklifts, there is sure to be one on the market that will make your work as easy and as effortless as possible. The idea is to select one that fits your budget while maximizing your productivity.