Today, in most areas, surveillance camera systems are found in both residential and commercial premises. Customers who want a security company will also want to install cameras on the network of alarm and automation systems so that they can keep an eye on visitors and events in the residential complex. 

In some systems, video surveillance is built into voice recognition software so that people can speak into the microphone and also see pictures of people arriving. Many people use monitored security camera services in their homes, even starting at the gate. 

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On the one hand, if the video surveillance system is very effective in monitoring activities that occur at home, then the main application of such surveillance is in large retail stores. It can provide detailed, real-time information on how the sales representative is helping customers and whether the customer is very satisfied or not.

When people are allowed to enter retail stores, owners can be safe from shoplifting and other covert operations by monitoring their movements. Today, large retail chains spanning large areas have surveillance cameras installed everywhere, allowing strategic views from multiple enclosures. When a video surveillance system is available, customers can benefit because the seller is aware of the fact that the owner is watching and therefore their transactions are fast and courteous.

Most industrial plants also install video surveillance systems that can be used to monitor different parts of the warehouse and areas for workers. This ensures that warehouses are protected from unauthorized entry and production work runs smoothly. Everyone has the advantage of a camera surveillance system installed in a different location.