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What is the Right Time to Buy Truffle Salt?

A friend asked me what I use to season my homemade chicken soup with Truffle. She likes the flavor of Truffle, so I decided to give it a try. First of all, it’s really hard to describe what Truffle Salt tastes like. To me, the best tasting flavor is very spicy. It almost burns your tongue, but then, I’m not a mouth breather. When I eat it, I just chew the stuff and let it cool down in my mouth a bit.

My friend’s mother has made baked truffles with real chocolate, and the delicious aroma of dark chocolate truffles is impossible to resist. I bought my favorite brand of Truffle Salt from Mediterranean Market. I also buy bulk Italian truffles that I can sprinkle on just about any recipe. When I made her favorite baked treat with truffle salt, she was awestruck.

I wasn’t sure what to put in the soup to make it more appealing, so I went to the store and picked up some organic sea salt, which had a very interesting smell. It was very smoky and almost vinegary. It added a nice tang to the beans, but I decided to leave the salt out. Instead, I put a Tablespoon of Truffle Salt in the chicken broth along with some Rosemary. I used half of the mixture for the soup and half for the seasoning.

After I got home from the store, I cleaned up the soup and added a few drops of truffle salt and Rosemary to it. It was a very delicious and very easy to make soup. With the truffles and truffle oil, I was getting compliments all evening. Everyone seemed to think that it was simply the best salad that they’ve ever had.

The truffle oil is very high in magnesium, so much so that it is difficult to see any other flavor. If you add the cream and continue to simmer the soup, you will get an extremely rich flavor. Try simmering just Rosemary and a sprig of fresh parsley instead of truffles and you will get a similar result. In fact, it would be good to use Rosemary, thyme, and garlic mixed with olive oil and bring to a boil before serving. This combination of flavors is similar to using oregano with milk and cream, although I prefer to use just Rosemary and olive oil.

If you want to start cooking with truffle salt and you’re not too fond of olive oil, try using a bit of white wine with a hint of the truffle oil. One trick is to soak the olive oil overnight, strain into a bowl, and then add it to your meals the next day. You can see a lot of different tricks using this trick.

While you are at the store checking out gift certificates and such, go grocery shopping and buy truffle salt, but don’t buy fake truffles. The fake ones are quite obvious when you buy them at stores. Go to a fine arts and crafts store or a food market and look for real truffles. When you find them, check the seal on them carefully and use them sparingly. There are plenty of great ideas for meals with truffle salt.

There is another way to get the true truffle flavor without having to buy fake truffles. It has to do with truffle salt itself. There are many great books and websites devoted to showing you how to make your own salt. If you do that, you can make a huge difference in the flavor of any dish you are cooking.

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