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Your Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp is handcrafted by the most talented craftsmen in Pakistan. These highly collectible Himalayan Salt Rocks are known worldwide for their therapeutic properties. These Natural Light Lamps are said to cleanse the air, release positive ions and interact with the water molecules on us surrounding us in our environment. When the ionization process occurs, these positive ions uplift the oxygen content in our atmosphere which in turn provides us with a healthy atmosphere to breathe. The negative ions are neutralized by negative ions and become harmless.

These unique Himalayan salt rocks have been used by many ancient civilizations as healing tools and as worship items. This ancient civilization was the very first one to discover and experiment with the healing properties of the salt. They took the time to find out what exactly each of the mineral in the salt did and how it worked to help healers heal their patients. Since then this knowledge has been passed down through the ages and Himalayan rock salt lamps are used by healers to provide a source of healing energy to their patients.

One of the many positive ions that can be derived from this highly purified crystal salt is melatonin. It has been proven over again that the use of melatonin has proven to be a successful treatment for sleep disorders such as insomnia. The best part about this particular type of healing is that it does not have any side effects and is a natural, long term cure. If you suffer from insomnia, it is recommended that you acquire one of these highly concentrated healing crystals. This will not only provide you with a natural way to alleviate your symptoms, but it also has a lasting positive effect on your body.

Another great thing about this salt lamp is that it is a very effective means of cleansing your home from toxins. All of the pollutants that we are exposed to on a daily basis eventually build up within our bodies. These pollutants can be as simple as smoke or food particles and can cause us to become sick. A Himalayan rock salt lamp, used in conjunction with other natural cleansing methods, can help eliminate the toxins that have built up inside your body. Once they are gone you will feel much better.

When you are using a Himalayan Salt Lamp in conjunction with other natural cleansing methods you will notice that the light that it produces will kill off a large amount of airborne pollutants. As it warms the air around it this salt lamp emits, it releases negative ions that kill the pollutants. By killing all of the pollutants that float in the air, this salt lamp will provide you with a safe, refreshing aroma. After inhaling the air this air will carry the positive ions that will remove the pollutants in the air.

You can use a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp in conjunction with an air purification system in order to remove even more pollutants in your home. By eliminating these pollutants, you will be able to breathe easier. You will also find that your allergies will be much less at least. Air purification systems can help you eliminate harmful pollutants, but they are unable to remove all of the allergens that float in the air. This salt lamp is able to do both.

Inhaling the air will allow you to get rid of the pollutants that cause you to feel ill. The salt lamps natural ability to produce negative ions will kill off any excess chemicals that are present in the air that you breath. These negative ions are good for you in many different ways. Negative ions have been proven to reduce stress levels and help people who suffer from asthma.

Many Himalayan Salt Lamps come in the form of rocks. If you choose to use the rock salt lamps then you can have the beautiful looking lamps without having to purchase a large slab of rock. These lamps can be placed on mantles, tables, outside and inside of your home. Once you begin to see the difference in your life you will not ever want to go back to the run of the mill lamps that make you feel ill.

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